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Death of a . Citizen | . Embassy & Consulates in Germany

The District Attorney’s office is in charge of ordering an autopsy, depending on the case. If the person dies of natural causes in a hospital, the autopsy is not necessary, unless requested by the family. If a person dies in a hospital as consequence of a crime, the autopsy is obligatory. All deaths that occur in a public space will involve the prosecutor, who will order the autopsy.

Death of a . Citizen | . Embassy & Consulate in Thailand

Sign your passport, and fill in the emergency information. Make sure you have a signed, valid passport, and a visa, if required, and fill in the emergency information page of your passport.



However, it is critical that families contract a funeral home to help them carry out funeral arrangements and/or repatriation of remains to the .  The Embassy maintains a list of funeral homes operating within major cities in Colombia.

The Swiss authorities will seek to locate the Next of Kin and other family members and/or close friends living in Switzerland to inform them of the death. If the deceased’s next-of-kin lives in the United States and there are no relatives or friends in Switzerland who agree to notify the next-of-kin, the Swiss authorities will contact the Embassy and pass along all relevant information. The Embassy, will in turn, contact the next-of-kin at the earliest possible time to notify him/her of the death.

As the Report of Death can only be issued after the German authorities complete their documentation of the death, it usually takes approximately two weeks to issue the Report. Certified copies will be sent to the next-of-kin and the original will be sent to the Department of State for permanent filing.

Generally, exhumation is not permitted until five years after initial interment.  However, if next of kin were not been aware of the decedent’s death and burial in Mexico, the remains may be exhumed at any time.  The cost of an exhumation can run in the thousands of dollars.  Exhumation labor costs have no fixed price, since they depend upon the amount of work and time required for exhumation.


Twenty copies of the Report of Death of an American Citizen Abroad, issued at the time of death, will be provided to the Next of Kin free of charge and the original will be sent to the Department of State for permanent filing. If in the future you find you need additional copies, they can be obtained for a fee of 55 dollars per copy. Please send a signed and notarized written request including all pertinent facts of the occasion along with a copy of the requester 8767 s valid photo identification to the following office. For more details on how to make a request, please visit the State Department 8767 s travel site.

A. Maximum Period Before Interment
Mexican law does not place a limit for interment of embalmed remains.  Ordinarily, when the remains are not embalmed, disposition should take place between 67 and 79 hours after death, except with specific authorization of public health authorities.

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