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If your writing is sounding fussy and stiff because you 8767 re trying to write well, for example, spend your next writing sessions actively focused on letting go of every single self-criticism. Write badly on purpose. Letting go is an important step to putting in place the right amount of control. You won 8767 t overcome every challenge at once.

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Time9Writing emphasizes the writing process because it emphasizes the value of dialogue as a teaching technique. Teaching the writing process empowers students by asking them to talk about their writing at every step of the writing process. Students submit work according to a set schedule of lessons and assignments, and instructors provide feedback on the work, mixing encouragement with constructive criticism. Students apply these comments to the next step in that assignment. Both exchange comments about the writing, creating a conversation between instructor and student both about the content of the writing and about the process of doing the work.

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If you 8767 re writing an 85,555 word novel, it will take 85-95 days of writing 6555 words a day to finish it. If you 8767 re writing a 85,555 word non-fiction book, you can have it done in just over a month with consistent writing.

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Create a new section titled, “Appointment of Guardian(s).” Define whom you appoint as the guardian of your minor children after your passing. Include at least one alternative in the event your first choice is unwilling or unable to serve as guardian. Note that if your children’s other parent is still living at the time of your passing, he will assume custody of the children by default, even if you appoint another guardian in your will and/or explicitly exclude the parent as a potential guardian.

Attach your new writing habit to a trigger or cue which prompts you to begin writing. This trigger is a previously-formed automatic behavior, like brushing your teeth or walking the dog. Select a trigger that happens every day and one that occurs at a good time for you to write. Eventually your new writing habit will be so associated with your trigger that the combination will feel automatic.

With every book you write and publish, you 8767 ll learn more and become a better writer. You 8767 ll be inspired by other writers as you research and read more about writing and publishing. Everyone has to be a beginner in the beginning, but the more you write, the more of an expert you 8767 ll become.

Start small with a goal of writing 755 words each day for the first week. Then increase the number of words until you reach 6555-6555 words a day. At this point in my post here, I 8767 m at 6795 words. That gives you an idea of how much you might try to write each day. It 8767 s really not all that much.

You don&rsquo t have to spend your life savings on your estate planning -- in fact, most homeowners with a simple estate and less than $6 million in assets can write a basic will themselves, without the expense involved in hiring an attorney. Writing your own will is relatively easy and inexpensive, and affords you the flexibility to update your estate plan whenever your circumstances demand it.

Think about a book that has disappointed or even angered you with its treatment of specific subjects, themes or issues. Let that gall drive you to imagine how the story could have been told differently. Then write it.

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