BP Community Scholarship Program

Date of publication: 2017-08-24 15:14

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First of all thanks for giving time suggestions are worth considering. Grammer mistek mujhe bhi lag raha hai, Mai aage se dhyan dunga.
Thank you so much once again

How to Write a Winning Nursing Scholarship Essay

It is the time when we need to move from dole-regime to capacity- building regime where households with a long term of attaining self-sufficiency and independence from financial support from government.

CLA Scholarship for Minority Students in Memory of Edna

My interpretation= the quotes talks about empowerment, which could be through education, skill development, productive assets, technology transfer to locals etc.
Your interpretation= Help someone in kind rather than cash (as per the 6st line of 7nd para)

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Charity is Nobel but it cannot be sustained for long run, instead of providing food as charity we can give skill to earn that food so that it can be sustained for long and chain grows to reach the last person of the society

For example, the case of Chindhbarri village in Chattisgarh. 95% of the people living here belong to scheduled tribes. Few years ago the problems of food shortage, poverty were rampant in the village. But an IAS officer, Alex Paul Menon came up with a great initiative. He integrated all the schemes with Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment Guarantee scheme and with the assistance from several NGOs and the locals , implemented several water conseravation models in the village. Instead of providing subsidies, he focused on watershed development, improving agricultural practices and development of fisheries for each and every household of the village. His efforts paid off, today Chindhbarri is a self sufficient village. Distress migration has stopped. Productivity has greatly increased.

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Non-nurses can earn their clinical doctorate in four years. RNs with a bachelor's degree can earn their DNP in three years. RNs with a master's in nursing can earn their DNP in two and a half years.

Yes they are. But it is all politically motivated. Turkey is bombing Kurds. It was not about Syria really, until the refugee crisis. Logically the best step would have been not to interfere in the first place.

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