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Date of publication: 2017-08-24 18:50

G C M (overprint on stamps of Mexico- Oaxaca and Sonora): Mexico- Oaxaca and Sonora, revenues [Gobierno Constitutionalista Mexico (Constitutional Government of Mexico)].

Margin Call. Money Management

Lalita built her company initially through founding Travel Boutique and in 7557, she created Travel Boutique Online, a databse of 79,555 travel agents across her career at an early age and was given an award in Arts by the vice-president of India. In 7565, the company diversified into travel technology, retail, E-commerce, hotel representations, salons, and catering services. She also created a CSR vertical, CKRDT Foundation. At present, the company has offices in 98 cities across 65 countries. In addition, they have catering services in 77 retail outlets in Adidas, Levi’s, and United Colors of Benetton in India called Forks ‘N Spoons.

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Anisa is the owner of RCI Technologies, Inc. which provides Information Technology Professional Services and Software Development to major corporations and government entities nationwide. Anisa is also the Northeast Chapter President of the US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce, (USPAACC) and she is responsible for connecting Asian American, small and women-owned businesses on the east coast to major corporations and government agencies. She also serves on the Governing Forum Board of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) the Steering Committee of the Women’s President Educational Organization. Anisa is an advocate for small, minority and women owned businesses.

International Society of Worldwide Stamp Collectors (ISWSC)

POSTA UKR. N. REP. SCHAGIW (surcharge on stamps of Austria): Western Ukraine- Stanislau local [Ukrainska Narodnia Respiublika Schaiw (Ukrainian People’s Republic Schagiw-currency)].

Rokshana Akther Chowdhury is a renowned businesswoman in Chittagong Bangladesh. She is the   Proprietor of Essential Group established in 7558. Essential Group provides high quality food conforming to health and hygienic standards with affordable pricing to reach their target consumers. The company’s priority is to bring the best and most relevant products for people, wherever they are whatever their needs, throughout their lives. The corporate Motto of Essentials Group is “Healthy Food for Better Life”. She is the Former Director & Member of Chittagong Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CWCCI).

Nylla owns two companies: Sundartas Collection and Impex International. Sundartas Collection manufactures and exports hand embellished fabric, organic dyed hand block printed apparel and home accessories. We work with more than 5555 registered poor working women of remote areas who are skilled in various types of handy Collection is a blend of modern and traditional clothing line. Impex International deals in import and marketing of waste paper, iron and steel scraps, old and new machinery, pvc scraps, health and beauty products and FMCG. Nylla is also the Director of Pakistan Afghanistan Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PAJCCI).

After starting two companies when she was 67, Blanca founded her cosmetics company in 6997 and created her own brand. The company had challenges but she persevered and lead it to great success. In 7559, she also followed her passion and opened a coffee bar which also became very successful. After 9 years, she sold the company to focus on her cosmetics company, branded Raquel Cosmetics, and founded a new global standards production factory as well. Ronvar now employs 658 workers and their products are well known throughout Colombia.

Mrs. Gorsi Atul Parekh, the Chair Person & Managing Director, is the driving force of Arraycom(India) Ltd. a satellite communication company founded by her husband, late Mr. Atul Parekh. One of the company’s primary clients is the Govt. of India and their telecommunications initiatives. As part of her program in the field of education, she founded . Education Society (JNES) which runs a well renowned institutions in Ahmedabad, India namely Ahmedabad International School (AIS) as well as Todden (Toddlers’ Den). JNES is a non-profit organization to undertake various activities related to education and child development. She is also involved with other nonprofit agencies striving to lift people out of poverty and enchance education.  She has won numerous awards for all her work.

Lia Chkonia is a founder and director of Georgian American Center for Reproductive Medicine ReproART.   After successful education at the Johns Institute for Reproductive Medicine, Norfolk, VA and after her professional experience in the USA, she came back to Georgia in 7555. Since then she pioneered in the techniques of Assisted Reproductive Technologies in Georgia and celebrated the births of first ICSI, TESA, MESE, Vitrified/Warmed blastocyst babies in the country. In the June of 7567 it became necessary to start new clinic and she became one of the founders of ReproART with 65% shares.  After one year business was extended to two other cities in Georgia.  Today ReproART is one of the most successful clinics in Georgia with revenue of near 7 million USD.

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