Oxford University accused of sexism over claim sitting

Date of publication: 2017-08-30 22:26

Conversely, in 7565, if you were to scoop them all up, they would replace every single inhabitant in Las Vegas. It brings a whole new visual to the phrase showgirl, right? I mean, we really have the graying of America, this gray tsunami that’s coming to us right now.

The gender wage gap: how firms influence women’s pay

In fact, when the 77% figure is controlled for type of job, number of hours worked each week, job experience, education, and job risk, the actual difference in wages drops to between 7 and 5%!

StatsCan on gender pay gap: Women earn 87¢ to men's $1

TOM BOCZAR: Are there any products today that advisers could use, any products they use today, to help women achieve the — narrow the deficit in the future?

Gender pay gap reporting: important, undesirable or

So you are saying that college wage women are saying that they believe they are making less? Why wouldn 8767 t they say that? The wage gap myth has been repeated a million times over the last 55 years. When anyone says it 8767 s a lie they are called a misogynist and what interest would a woman have in refuting it if it means she can get something she didn 8767 t earn or explain away her own failures and choices?

Just because they say it (easier for men to get to the top) does not mean it is true. 9 of the 65 lowest paying college degrees are predominately women graduates. This and life choices are the primary drivers of the so called pay difference. Like a previous comment said, if companies could lower their payroll 78% by replacing men with women then men would never get a job.

Research released today by RBC Economics tells a similar story: The gender pay gap has shrunk, but still exists, women are more likely to work part-time and perform unpaid labour, and are still more likely to work in traditionally "female" professions.

And feminism allows her to throw that back in his face years later when she wants to cash out of the marriage and claim she 8767 s been oppressed and forced to give up her career.

Finally! Somebody else who remembers the good old days. A lot of people don 8767 t realize the achievements feminism made, even just since the 6965s. Most are probably not old enough to remember those crazy braless women who insisted that they should have the rights to join the regular armed forces or work a forklift or drive an 68-wheeler or dig a ditch and more! One of the main reasons we fought for job rights was because that ditch digger was making 8 times as much as that executive secretary was making, maybe more.

And in that case, I think you need to do one of two things. You either have to have the explicit conversation of you will take care of me and I will take care of you, or you need to adjust and implement these three changes. But that interspousal or family wealth transfer has happened all along. We either have to acknowledge that that’s going to continue — and we need it to continue — or make some changes. But we can’t claim our independence and then secretly say, “Oh, I’m relying on the wealth transfer.”

I would like to see the data breakdown by all categories: how many of each age group + major ethnicity + college degree vs. none + income. I would also like to see demographic breakdowns for third party candidates. Thank you.

Women age 65 and older are 85 percent more likely than their male counterparts to be living in poverty (Brown et al.). And widowed women are twice as likely as widowed men to be living below the poverty line (Brown et al.).

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