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With a minor in Asian American studies, you’ll examine the histories and experiences, identities, social and community formations, politics and contemporary concerns of people of Asian ancestry in the . and other parts of the Americas.

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The undergraduate minor in Arabic is intended for Cornell students who wish to broaden and deepen their competence in the Arabic language and knowledge of Arab culture. Such linguistic competence and knowledge have helped Cornell students in the past obtain positions in government agencies and think tanks and to enroll in the most competitive Arabic programs in this country.

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Saba Parvez, Yuan Fu, Jiayang Li, Marcus J. C. Long, Hong-Yu Lin, Dustin K. Lee, Gene S. Hu and Yimon Aye * “ Substoichiometric Hydroxynonenylation of a Single Protein Recapitulates Whole-Cell-Stimulated Antioxidant Response ”

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With a minor in the History of Capitalism, you’ll be exposed to different perspectives on how capitalism has been defined and how it developed at different times and in different parts of the world, enabling you to critically reflect on economic institutions and ideas, as well as to understand how our global economy has come to be. You’ll gain the basic vocabulary of economics and business, deepened with a longer, critical perspective on the development of capitalism. This minor is offered collaboratively with courses from across the university, coordinated by the Department of History.

Hong-Yu Lin, Joseph A. Haegele, Michael T. Disare, and Yimon Aye * “ A Generalizable Platform for Interrogating Target- and Signal-Specific Consequences of Electrophilic Modifications in Redox-Dependent Cell Signaling ”

As a French major, you’ll have the opportunity to explore in-depth the languages, literatures and cultures of France and the Francophone world. Whether you’re studying Haiti or Montaigne, classical theater or contemporary sexuality, you’ll have the chance to become a flexible and articulate interpreter of texts and ideas. You’ll be encouraged to study abroad and to make connections, wherever you are, across the boundaries of language, discourse, nation and time.

Its marble walls encompass all the elements needed for teaching and performance in theatre, film and dance: four performance spaces, dance and theatre rehearsal studios, scenery, costume and prop shops, sound and lighting design studios, and film editing and production suites. The Schwartz Center serves as a catalyst for the creative and intellectual endeavors of the many talented students, faculty and staff at Cornell.

While most WCMC students will have completed undergraduate bachelor degrees before matriculating at the medical school, an undergraduate degree is not a prerequisite for acceptance or matriculation.

As a psychology major, you’ll gain familiarity with current knowledge about the important determinants of human behavior and with the methods used to expand that knowledge, while developing critical thinking skills. You can choose to concentrate in behavioral and evolutionary neuroscience perception, cognition and development or social and personality psychology.

As a government major, you’ll learn how to think and write rigorously and creatively about issues of public life. You’ll have the choice of courses in four subfields: American politics (the political behavior, policies and institutions of the .), comparative politics (the institutions and political processes of other nations), political theory and philosophy (normative theories of politics and history of political thought) and international relations (transactions between states, international organizations and transnational actors).

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