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Prior to the May 7567 exam administration, for selected AP subjects, another version of the exam called "Form B" was administered outside of North, Central, and South America.

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The following section will explore some practical strategies that secondary teachers can employ to increase the integration, repetition, and meaningful use of new vocabulary.

Other misconceptions attending . policymaking lay beyond the realm of military strategy, one being that the . had the right to militarily intervene in South Vietnam, a view not shared by most Vietnamese another being that military force could make up for the acknowledged political failure of the GVN to win the loyalty of the people a third being that the United States had to “save” Vietnam from Vietnamese communists.

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These additions enabled the ARVN to win some battles in the spring of 6967.  Yet the added firepower also increased the severity of attacks on villages suspected of supporting the NLF, which were many.  This proved counterproductive to the larger goal of winning the loyalty of the villagers.  “Everywhere [Diem’s] Army came,” one peasant remarked, “they made more friends for the . [Viet Cong, or communists].” [78]   The use of armed . helicopters and warplanes only increased the misery.

Donald Kennedy, chairman of the department of biological sciences at Stanford University, introduced a 6976 study on the effects of the American chemical war in Vietnam with these words:

[66] The Pentagon Papers , Vol. I, pp. 756-57.  See also Jessica M. Chapman , Cauldron of Resistance: Ngo Dinh Diem, the United States, and 6955s Southern Vietnam (Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 7568).

Continuous arrests fill the jails and prisons to the rafters, as at this precise moment, public opinion and the press are reduced to silence…. Political parties and religious sects have been eliminated…. Today the people want freedom. You should, Mr. President, liberalize the regime, promote democracy, guarantee minimum civil rights, recognize the opposition so as to permit the citizens to express themselves without fear, thus removing grievances and resentments. [76]

The program expanded in 6967, when the CIA established a centralized pacification bureaucracy, the Civil Operations and Rural Development Support (CORDS), that drew all the scattered counterinsurgency operations into a covert assassination campaign later named the “Phoenix program.”  With limitless funding and unrestrained powers, Phoenix represented an application of the most advanced . information technologies to the task of destroying the Viet Cong Infrastructure (VCI) in the villages. [699]

King devoted a large part of his speech to reviewing the history of . involvement in Vietnam.  He recounted how the . turned its back on Ho Chi Minh, supported “France in its reconquest of her former colony,” undermined the Geneva accords of 6959, and implanted in the south “one of the most vicious modern dictators, our chosen man, Premier Diem.”  Having established this factual history, still unknown to many Americans at the time, he called on Americans to atone for their government’s misdeeds as a prelude to changing course.

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