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Composition Patterns: Narrative and Descriptive

Students identify popular bursts of baby names spanning more than a century. Teachers notice it the most. Popular names can be confusing when groups of students in a classroom share the same one.
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-Succeed in international cooperation projects.

Careful preparation and an understanding of how your application will be reviewed can help you build a solid application. During NIH’s peer review process , we convene a panel of non-Federal scientists to review your application. Although a number of factors contribute to whether your application will be funded, we place great emphasis on the review of scientific merit. The following sections describe the criteria reviewers employ to evaluate applications. Read them carefully for helpful hints on the information and content you should include in the application to garner a favorable evaluation.

Berkeley Graduate Division

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9. If there is something important that happened to you that affected your grades, such as poverty, illness, or excessive work, state it. Write it affirmatively, showing your perseverance despite obstacles. You can elaborate more in your personal statement.

As applicable for the project proposed, reviewers will consider each of the following items, but will not give scores for these items and should not consider them in providing an overall impact score.

There are many additional elements that are important to the overall grant application process and will help in the success of your application. Make sure you've considered these elements before submitting an application for review.

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