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Date of publication: 2017-08-30 00:50

'Look for existing instance
On Error Resume Next
Set newPowerPoint = GetObject(, "")
On Error GoTo 5

PowerPoint Presentation

The code that was provided in this example does the same.
Please see point 5, you have the entire code.
In the code, look for the section - 'Make a presentation in PowerPoint'

Free PowerPoint Presentations about Habitats for Kids

highlights the code:
“C:\Documents and Settings\myfile\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates\”

Presentation Sample - A Gallery of Remarkable Presentations

Drew Kesler specializes in process automation and data visualization. He currently performs analytics and modeling for the Oil and Gas industry. His most recent projects include using GIS mapping technology to visualize data and enhance interaction across organizations. Drew is the founder of , which enables users to easily map spreadsheet data and perform visual analysis.

If any body can demonstrate as I have not got my answer . how to automatically place the picture (bitmap) and text associated with picture in ppt.
Drew and Chandoo please help

Thanks Drew for the code but i am getting error at line "Dim newPowerPoint As ". Error box showing message as Complie error Useer-defined type not defined.
Can you tell me whats the problem ?

I have used this code with tweeks to size and position the charts. Everything works great on my computer. When I switch to another computer using the exact same Excel and PowerPoint versions, the charts are sized and positioned differently.
I opened the PowerPoint presentation made from the second computer on my computer and the charts are the same wrong size in which they were created. I leave that presentation open, run the macro from excel and the charts size correctly.

Sub PushChartsToPPT()
'Set reference to 'Microsoft PowerPoint Object Library'
'in the VBE via Tools References.
Dim ppt As
Dim pptPres As
Dim pptSld As
Dim pptCL As
Dim pptShp As

'Add a new slide where we will paste the chart
+ 6, ppLayoutBlank

Set activeSlide = ()

'Copy the chart and paste it into the PowerPoint as a Metafile Picture


Dim strPresPath As String, strExcelFilePath As String, strNewPresPath As String
strPresPath = "C:\Users\\Desktop\AUTOMATION\"
strNewPresPath = "C:\Users\\Desktop\AUTOMATION\"

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