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If an unclaimed balance is held by two or more names joined by “and,” then entitlement to the balance will be split equally between the living holders and the estates of any deceased balance holders, if applicable.

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To which McComb responded: “But he wants to do it right now. He says ‘forget the whole referendum, it takes too long and people don’t understand it anyway. Let’s just bring it in.”

Role and Responsibilities of a Representative

When claiming a balance that was a negotiable instrument, the claimant must be the original drawer or purchaser of the instrument. Otherwise, in the case of a payee/beneficiary, one must be able to provide the original instrument.

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It did it as a hedge against democracy. One that might create precisely the constitutional quandary we are now facing, in the event of an unwanted Liberal minority.

If a balance remains unclaimed at the end of the prescribed custody period, the Bank of Canada transfers the funds to the Receiver General for Canada. Once the transfer is made, the funds can no longer be retrieved.

The Bank Rate is now set at the top of the operating band. It is always one-quarter of a percentage point above the Target for the Overnight Rate, which is at the middle of the band. The Bank Rate is also the rate at which the Bank will lend money overnight to the financial institutions that take part in Canada's most important payments system, the Large Value Transfer System.

The target is the appropriate rate to use when comparing the levels of interest rates with those of other countries. It corresponds directly to the . Federal Reserve's "target for the federal funds rate," the Bank of England's two-week "repo rate," and the minimum bid rate for refinancing operations (the repo rate) at the European Central Bank.

Yes. You will need additional documents proving your identity and connecting you with the balance. Please see the How to Claim section for more information on the required documentation.

The difference between the interest the Bank earns and its operating expenses is its net profit, which is given to the federal government. In recent years this profit has averaged about $ billion annually.

Allowing that could provoke a massive public demonstration. It would also call into question the Crown’s conduct and repute. That alone should be unthinkable and unacceptable.

As it is, according to new Insights West poll , some 65 percent of the public "think Premier Christy Clark should step down as leader of the BC Liberals if the party cannot form the government after all votes are counted".

Moreover, one of reasons the amalgamated system worked was the political skill displayed by a new governor, Sir John Harvey. After his term ended, the re-emergence of party politics made governance very difficult for his successor, particularly because attention was now turning to the new concept of responsible government. This reformulation of colonial government derived from problems experienced elsewhere in British North America. It was close to actual practice in Britain, and remains the basis of the constitution that exists today. The fundamental requirement was that the Executive Council - which we call the cabinet - had to be drawn from members of the political party holding the most seats in the Assembly. The leader of that party became the premier.

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