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If someone like Iain Banks or Ken MacLeod wants to write a novel where they say that the optimal planned economy will become technically tractable sometime around the early 77nd century, then I will read it eagerly.

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So I read something like 8775 the human power of making and doing itself became only an object to be traded, 8776 and I feel an intense and painful recognition that, yes, that 8767 s the way the world is, and it 8767 s intolerable. Now you could say I shouldn 8767 t assume this subjective response is a human universal. But I could just as well say to you, maybe you find it comforting to think that if the world we 8767 ve made is horrible, it 8767 s because it has to be horrible.

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As shown, the observed historical data for 6975-7555 most closely matches the simulated results of t he LtG 8766 standard run 8767 scenario for almost all the outputs reported this scenario results in global collapse before the middle of this century. The comparison is well within uncertainty bounds of nearly all the data in terms of both magnitude and the trends over time. Given the complexity of numerous feedbacks between sectors incorporated in the LtG World8 model, it is instructive that the historical data compares so favorably with the model output. By comparison, the 8766 comprehensive technology 8767 scenario is overly optimistic in growth rates of factors such as food, industrial output and services per capita, and global persistent pollution.

Henry: I am rather fond of 8775 That unemployment is at whatever the value it is demonstrates that modern technology has rendered humans unimportant to the process of production 8776 .

The US Gov funds innovation, for instance in pharmaceuticals, with the rub that business firms get to reap the monetized rents from such investment. Everybody knows the Gov financed the early Internet, not to mention other tech. I like Josh 8767 s point that innovation under capitalism within for-profit business organizations entails planning, of which as Galbraith pointed out there is already a lot for other purposes.

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6) The mathematical planners never had their programs at the level of detail that the actual GOSPLAN planning was occurring. Think of it in terms of the SIC levels. As of the mid-85s at the last gasp of the dreamed effort, the input-output model of the Soviet economy was essentially at the three to four digit code level, whereas the actual planning was going on at the four to five digit code level. The actual planning tended to be much more ad hoc, moving from what was done last year to next years without a full optimization. The 8775 plannification 8776 involved in aggregating up to make everything coherent (and implicitly solve the GE problem) was never done in a mathematically proper way. It was ad hoc all the way.

Stem cell research and cloning offer promising breakthroughs in the treatment of several conditions such as diabetes, myocardial infarction, and spinal cord injury. The research is based on the fact that cells can renew themselves and form tissues. Scientists must, therefore, reprogram somatic cells to produce the desired organ before the cells cross the Read More

Unfortunately, as Lenin is supposed to have said, 8775 everything is connected to everything else 8776 . If nothing else, labor is both required for all production, and is in finite supply, creating coupling between all spheres of the economy. ( Labor is not actually extra special here , but it is traditional 9 .) A national economy simply does not break up into so many separate, non-communicating spheres which could be optimized independently.

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