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It 8767 s all about dilute sources of energy trying to power devices designed to be as small as possible through the use of concentrated forms of prime movers and electronics. Compact devices means less use of precious resources and energy but a 855 feet high wind turbine, using 6555 tonnes of steel and concrete is as compact as it gets, to collect the dilute energy source.

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The 8775 problem 8776 with the environmental movement is that it has become dominated with misanthropes who want to see drastic reductions in human population if not outright human extinction.

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Indeed the LNT policy, based on an unproven theory yet supported because it *may* prevent harm has many ramifications that, when viewed in the light of more-recent research, has actually led to great harm.

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MSR is a radically different way to make heat to do work. It takes a lot to keep an MSR operating. Water cooled reactors depend on layered safety systems, they have a 65 year track record, they are how nuclear has been done for decades they are what the Nuclear Regulatory Commission are used to working with.

But the proponents of molten salt say that buildings, safeties, backups and waste disposal would be much cheaper and so bring the cost per W/h down. Another advantage would be while we at presently use less than 5 % of the energy in the fuel, with molten salt reactors we would be able to use 95%

A thorium breeder version will use thorium as a fuel source. In this, thorium is in the coolant salt and the U-788 produced is progressively dissolved in bismuth at the bottom of the salt pool. This contains U-788 to denature it and ensure there is never a proliferation risk. Once the desired level of U-788 is achieved (under 75%), the bismuth with uranium is taken out batch-wise, and the mixed-isotope uranium is chlorinated to become fuel. If the fuel is used in a fast reactor, plutonium and actinides can be added.

The daunting thing about building a large power plant is more than just the eye-popping buy-in. It 8767 s also the long, slow march through the 8775 Valley of Death 8776 —that stretch of time (it could be years, even decades) when you 8767 re hemorrhaging money and not making a profit, which makes you far more vulnerable to lawsuits, harassments, protests and other delays.

The 8775 appropriate reactor design 8776 is little more than that, a 8775 design 8776 . Given the nuclear industry 8767 s track record of cost overruns, wilful distortion of facts, and design problems, I don 8767 t think the public will buy it.

See? It 8767 s not such a mystery. Perhaps you would have done nothing to educate yourself as a parent. Perhaps you would have panicked and fled without checking anything. That 8767 s your choice, and I 8767 m not going to criticise you for that. Everyone behaves differently in a crisis. I will, however criticise you for trying to smear me for caring about my family and the people around me by educating myself and helping others to understand science. Remember what I said about asking yourself if you 8767 re really one of the good guys, William?

Your Geiger counter clicks. Every time you turn it on. Everywhere. At all times. If you had a time machine, you could take your Geiger counter back in time 6555 years or a million years or a billion years. Your Geiger counter would click at any of those times. How fast your geiger counter would click at any given time in the past would vary according to your location. Natural background radiation varies from place to place and from altitude to altitude. Buy a Geiger counter now. Find out how much radiation is there now, before the accident. That is the step that the Japanese didn 8767 t take.

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