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Oh, I didn t mean things posted on this thread. Everyone posting here did so with the knowledge you were going to use the stories in a column. I was just pointing out to other commenters why you might not have wanted to use stories from other , past threads. In some other parts of reddit they re really particular about not letting posts be reused anywhere off-site without the author s permission.

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Many of my grad student clients appear to suffer from a version of posttraumatic stress. They have been so burned by their advisors that they get panicked just thinking about contacting them. Their self esteem has been lowered and they question their ability to function in the field.

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I write a monthly humor column for the AAAS journal Science Careers called Experimental Error. For this month s column, I m planning to share stories about horrible things that have happened between grad students and their advisors--arguments, stolen credit, advisor bullying, grad student flakiness, etc. Either party can be the party in the wrong, as long as there s conflict.

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At this point, I lost my patience and admittedly did not behave very maturely. I burnt whatever bridges I had left in the program. I then used whatever capital I had left in the larger university system to secure some funding so I could follow my soon-to-be husband to the States. I took a year off completely, coached swimming, and worked sporadically on my dissertation. Then I started adjuncting, got pregnant, began applying for tenure-track jobs, and furiously worked to finish my dissertation (which I did mere days before my daughter was born). She accompanied us to my dissertation defense when she was just 65 weeks old, and had a lovely, audible bowel movement in the middle of it.

What I had gotten myself into was a department and a program that was in disarray. We were the Department of Comparative Literature, Religion, and Film/Media Studies: a make-shift, unnatural department, and the many separate parts were getting restless. But I didn&rsquo t know that yet. I came into the program with a group of wonderful fellow graduate students, I had a class of my own to teach in my field of specialty, and managed to find another supervisor outside of the department who was enthusiastic and supportive of my dissertation project. And the program itself was still well-respected and renowned. We were even able to hire a new, replacement professor in my field, which I thought bode well for the future.

This guy also made homophobic comments to the sole gay member of the lab, leading him to quit before I transferred in. When I joined the lab, I got that student s old computer and he told me to be careful because the kid probably did nothing but watch gay porn on it.

Our writers have also had to demonstrate a solid writing and referencing skill during the screening process, so when you actually see their rankings, those truly reflect their skill by academic, college standards.

The moment of truth came at the end-of-the-year party for the graduate students which also marked the end of my term as GSA President. The program coordinator went out of her way to thank every single graduate student. except for me. Everyone in the room noted the slight. No one in the room thought it was an accident. From then on, I wasn&rsquo t put forward for any award, merit, or other possible accolade. It was the tradition in the program that after three years of teaching, you would be put forward for a graduate teaching award despite stellar teaching evaluations, I wasn&rsquo t put forward. After serving as GSA President, I wasn&rsquo t put forward for any university awards for graduate student service.

Some advisers consider their students’ brains extensions of their own, meaning that they think your ideas are their ideas—though because they’re thinking that, it’s also your thought.

Moving the Lab. You choose your lab for a variety of reasons, some of which are geographic. You’ve already settled into your new community, befriended the postal carrier, and learned where the best local pinball arcades are when your adviser says, “Oops! I’d rather do the exact same thing I’m doing now in a different state. My bad! Wanna come with?”

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